About MTSC


Tanzania Marine Swimming Club - was established on March 2nd 2008 with indigenous Tanzania members and later on got its official full registration from the Registrar of sports, Clubs and culture from the Ministry of sports and culture with registration No. NSC. 9561. 

The club headquarters are located at Kigamboni, Temeke District in Dar es Salaam Region.

The club was established with the aim of identifying and developing young Tanzania swimmer talents, developing and setting foundation for swimming in Tanzania at no cost as many could not afford to pay for training and as well the nation has been lacking professional swimmers as well as representative in various national and international competitions.

Also the club aim at establishing swimming academies all across Tanzania to extend the opportunity to the majority poor as well as ensuring that all interested kids as well as the talented are well trained as well as nurturing their talents to excel in the swimming field.

The club also provides training to special groups eg women, and community as whole to be able to equip themselves with skills that can help and save their lives especial for those living near the sea, those obliged to frequently cross rivers, Sea, and lakes or living in endangered areas where flood and other water related calamities can highly affect their lives.
Also the club provides training to groups and individuals from the age of 4 yrs to 90 yrs at special arrangements.

The club is currently located and operating from Kigamboni area (at Navy beach and Mwalimu Nyerere Academy areas) providing training's on the beach while making efforts to get a permanent place where the club can have water sports recreational centre to save kids, disable/special groups and the general public. (Training to groups and individuals from the age of 4 yrs to 90 yrs at special arrangements.

To become the best centre of excellence in swimming training's for clubs, schools, colleges and the community as large for national benefit.
1.     Searching and developing talents in the swimming field.
2.     To provide an opportunity to Tanzanians to participate in water related sports and benefit from the abundant water resources that the country have.
3.     To protect and preserve environment, water sources and other water resources.
4.     To build capacity to Tanzanian citizens to be able to employ and be employed in the water and water sports sector.
5.      To promote Tanzanian culture Worldwide through swimming and water sports.
6.     To build national unity through swimming and water sports.

  • Water Surface Rules
  • Swimming
  • Survival at Sea skills
  • Rescue and Resuscitation
  • Water Drowning and Prevention
  • River Crossing
  • Training in swimming and rescue. 
  • Survival at Sea skills
  • First aid 
  • And more as per individual or group requirement.


TMSC has qualified professional trainers  recognzed by FINA.


Training languages are both Kiswahili and English.


The club has succeeded to train more than 500 youths, and more than 800 adults

  • Best coach of the year 2011
  • Best male swimmer of the year 2011
  • Best female swimmer of the year 2011

  • National buterfly record breaker for the year 2011

  • 3rd position for club championship for the years 2012, 2013,2014 & 2015

  • TMSC participated in FEASSA competions (FEDERATION EAST AFRICA SWIMMING ASSOCIATION) where TMSC got third position.

  • TMSC participated in Junior Olympic games 2014 in QATAR.

  • The club has also succeeded in training more than 1300 people on swimming and water rescue.

Following the success that Tanzania Marine Swimming Club has achieved in the two years since its establishment and later registration as a fully fledged Swimming Club operating across Tanzania such as identifying and developing youth talents in swimming and water sports of which the club now has gain international recognition following participation and winning various competitions including the recent Regional Swimming Championship held at Kampala Uganda.

The club got 8 Gold Medal, 5 Bronze and 7 Silver from its 5 participants whom the club could afford to send due to financial difficulties. Other competitions such as National Swimming Championship where the club did well.

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